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Natural honey & hive products from our bees to you.

We started our little operation in 2020 with just 4 hives.  In 2021 we purchased another 8 hives and have been working on making splits and raising our own queens in hopes to double our numbers in 2022.

All of our hives are all located within a few miles of our home property with some right in our yard.  The bees collect nectar from the many flowering crops close by to make the delicious honey we get to enjoy.

In the winter the hives get wrapped and moved to a more sheltered area where they hang out until spring. On a warm winter day you’ll catch the odd bee flying out, and if you put your ear close enough, you can hear the soft hum of the thousands of bees keeping warm in their home.

A growing selection of fresh honey & hive products for tasty food, glowing skin and safe food packaging.

Use our locally harvested honey in your coffee, baking or as a spread for healthy & delicious farm-to-table goodness.

We offer raw, creamed honey and flavoured honey!

Protect and mend sore lips, hands and feet with natural wax and minimal ingredient balms. Free of preservatives, dyes
and perfumes.

Do you want to pack food using toxic or wasteful plastic wrapping?

Of course not!

Beeswax wraps are reusable, non-toxic and plastic free food safe wrapping.

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