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Hilltop Honey Farm

Locally harvesting and creating quality hive products for Southwestern Saskatchewan

About The Farm

We started our little operation in 2020 with just 4 hives.  In 2021 we purchased another 8 hives and have been working on making splits and raising our own queens in hopes to double our numbers in 2022.

All of our hives are all located within a few miles of our home property with some right in our yard.  The bees collect nectar from the many flowering crops close by to make the delicious honey we get to enjoy.

In the winter the hives get wrapped and moved to a more sheltered area where they hang out until spring. On a warm winter day you’ll catch the odd bee flying out and if you put your ear close enough, you can hear the soft hum of the thousands of bees keeping warm in their home.


I’m Chelsea, and my husband Matt and I are dreamers and schemers behind this little farm operation.

In 2013 we bought a little acreage near Success, Saskatchewan. We just couldn’t resist this one house on a hill in the land of the wind. 

Fast forward a few years, a million house projects, two kids, a number of 4-legged creatures, and here we are with Matt and his brother Jordan, starting a honey business.

I’ll keep busy creating quality hive products that come as a by-product of honey making.


Matt grew up in Tisdale, Sask. and gained a bit of experience working for a beekeeper right after high school. 

He’s always kept that fascination with bees and getting “a few” hives has always been a goal of his.

Fast forward a lot of years and he’s married to the coolest person ever and has two cute kids.

His passion for growing this business is contagious and its neat to see our young kids take an interest in it too.

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